20.04.2017 - Baptism By Fire: Steel
(This Tiger Model is only for testing the systems, It won't be the official Tiger of the game)

This is the beginning of a game being developed to be a big WW2 simulator, not only for tanks but it will be implemented infantry, artillery, aircraft, tanks, armored vehicle in general, etc and the intention is implement real size maps (parts of countries). The tank battle, for example, will have the real distances (sometimes 2km), and the military hierarchy will be implemented as well. A lot of real vehicles, real uniforms, real weaponry for infantry, bullets with real damage (at least almost), so depending on distance, 1 shot in torso or head, you are dead... 2 shots in legs or arms, dead in minutes unless a medic come and pick you up with his ambulance.

On this update the projectile effects was added, the damage system was added, based on angle of impact, total energy of the impact, applied impulse of the impact, etc for bounce or penetrate the armor, depending of the thickness of each part on each implemented tank.

It is being done using simple newtonian physics and is going to be more realistic than these tons of arcade tank games around the world. The fps is going to be also with the same parameters. We are going to implement a large amount of vehicles, a interesting conquest map system, for the war mode, and some cool stuff for the arena mode.

The plan is to release first the tank gameplay, for testing and the other systems will be added meanwhile. The planned step names are:

1 - Steel: Armor and Vehicles
2 - Blood: FPS and Artillery
3 - WarBirds: Aircraft
4 - SeaBorn: Boats, Destroyers, Submarines etc
5 - Baptism By Fire: Full Release