02.05.2017 - Baptism By Fire: Steel
This is an update of the game Baptism By Fire - Steel, that will be general WW2 simulator, not only for tanks but the infantry (FPS), air forces, strategy, maps etc. The vehicles planned and the kinds of maps are similar to the ancient game Battlefield 2 mod named Forgotten Hope 2 but our game will be a simulation, not an arcade. The tanks, for example, will be made with the crew positions, internal view etc. There will be 2 modes of gameplay: War and Arena. In the war mode the military hierarchy will be considered, for example.

Steel is the part of game related to the tanks and armor system which is planned to be the first alpha release, while the rest of the game systems (fps, infantry vehicles system, aircraft system etc) are developed.

The combats will be like in real life distances. This map, for example, is 5km x 5km.

The piercing System was introduced, based on real counterparts, using bullet loss of speed due to drag, bullet weights depending on the type of bullet, values of piercing depending on the tipe of bullet, the impact angle, thickness of the plate impacted, damage as a diference between the piercing power and the thickness of the plate that the bullet hits. The bullet drop is being adjusted.

The first plates are at 1km away and the back plates are 2km away from the tank.

The sight is provisional and will be animated and redesigned soon.

Check out in the beginning of the video the values or here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8.8_cm_KwK_36 and compare with the values of the video. The first 4 plates, on the left are 30º and the four on the right side are 90º, so the wikipedia values are considering always the 4 left sided plates. The plates are named according to the thickness, look in the console, below in the screen, what is happening when the bullet hits the target.

The small parts of the tank falls or is flung when a bullet hits it The reload time is not the real for now, only for the tests. The explosion effect is provisional, and it is added to all tank kills for this test but it is one of the 4 or 5 possibilities of tank kill effects, like only simple smoking, ammo cooking, engine failure etc.

The tanks will have internal view and all the textures will be re worked, these textures featured now are only for tests as well.

The tank has 8 gears and only manual controls, since it is a simulator, so the driver will need to learn well how to drive the tank to get better battle scores with the crew.

I hope you enjoy!