The fictitious city name's codification SI89 is Servitium, Intellectum, Animus Hominis Est Inmortalis Corpus Mortale. Where:

S means: Servitium or Servitude;
I means: Intellectum or Intelligence;
8 means: infinite symbol - Animus Hominis Est Inmortalis or The Human Soul is Immortal;
9 means: not infinite - Corpus Mortale or The Body is Mortal.

The symbol of the city could be translated for contemplation of the truth and practice of virtues.

Si89 current members:
Agostinho Dias
Graphic Artist

Angelo Fantino
Graphic Artist

Juliana Laranja
Graphic Artist

Marcin Kobus
Graphic Artist

Niklas Apelgren
Graphic Artist

Thiago Laranja
Programmer, Music Composer

Thomaz Herrero
• Si89 is an indie game studio created by Angelo Fantino and Thiago Laranja on the 4th of April, 2017 •